Welcome to Cherished Children!

Our Mission Statement: Cherished Children Early Learning Center, Inc. exists to provide a warm and nurturing environment where young children discover a joy in learning and are provided with a high quality educational program which serves our community.


Our Program: Cherished Children is an early childhood learning center that has been in the Mundelein area for over 20 years. It is a privately owned center. We provide a full day, full year, fully licensed program for children from 6 weeks to 12 years. The program creates age-appropriate experiences that focus on the emotional, social, spiritual, physical and cognitive growth of each child. We "teach" through interactive learning experiences. We offer a diverse and inclusive, learning environment.



Cherished Children sets itself apart from other centers by offering:


- Staff Longevity (Most staff members have been employed for over 5 years, many more than 10 and a few for over 20!) This means stability and consistency for both child and parent.


- Experienced/Educated Staff - Most staff members have been in the Early Childhood Education field for 8 years, many much longer. We have 04 Certified Teachers, Degreed Teachers, and CDA licensed teachers. This incredible teaching team is led by a director with a Master's Degree in Early Childhood that has over 30 years experience in Early Childhood under her belt. Teachers are also required to have 20 hours in-service training annually and all staff members are CPR certified.


- Appropriate Early Education is a priority. Cherished Children believes in learning through play. Children are exposed to a wide range of learning toys, books and other learning materials and are given the chance to explore and learn through independent play as well as teacher directed play, and large and small group activities. All areas of development (language, motor, cognitive, social, emotional) are addressed on a daily basis in each classroom in ways that are appropriate to each child's age and abilities.


- Assessments are done on a regular basis using the Ounce Scale or the Illinois Early Learning Standards (depending on age). Using these tools helps teachers and parents to have a focused and concrete way to view a child's development. This also helps parents and teachers to set goals and support each other while helping the child reach those goals.  


- Family Friendly Environment where parents and children are welcomed as part of the Cherished Children family. Cherished Children has an open door policy and encourages children, parents and teachers to develop strong levels of communication via daily sheets, phone calls, emails, etc.